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RE: Ohlins Question

I can't imagine anybody not asking the right questions to get the spring you
need.  Generally it goes something like this.

You:I need shocks for my R1100RT
Vendor:  Want adj preload?
You: Yes
Vendor:  Adj High & Low comp damping?
You:   Yes
Vendor:  What do you weigh in full riding gear?
You:	215
Vendor:  Do you mostly ride solo or two up?
You: solo
Vendor:  Much luggage?
You:  Nope, usually less than 20lbs, occasional cross country trip with 50lbs of
Vendor: Would you consider yourself more sport or touring oriented?
You:  Both sides of my fairing lowers have scrapes.
Vendor: Okay, 4 week delivery.

But to answer your question, if they don't ask about your weight run away.

Davis Eichelberger

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> >steve, right on.  the performance shock builder here in pdx talked 
> >about spring rates during one of the workshops i attended.  
> 175# rider 
> >is the norm for the stock springs.  ordering is no big deal. 
>  tell them 
> >how much you weight or how much you are carrying if two up.  
> they may 
> >charge you a nominal amount, but they will supply the correct spring 
> >with your new shock. this, after all, is not rocket science, 
> so speak 
> >up when you place your order.  BTW, i know folks who ordered 
> from win 
> >krom and had them deliver the correct spring rate, no biggie.
> How does one determine the "correct" spring rate? Being 
> ignernt 'bout all 
> this, I'd tell the prospective vendor which bike I had, and ask if he 
> needs to know anything else to get the right part. If he asks 
> my weight, 
> then bingo, we're on the right track. If he says nope, and I 
> ask him if 
> my weight matters, and he says "if you wanna lose some weigh, 
> have you 
> tried the Scarsdale diet?", then I know I should shop for 
> another vendor. 
> Does anyone have any pointers for separating the "box pushers" from 
> knowledgeable folks? I'd hate to have to do all the homework 
> myself and 
> then give someone the right part numbers because they add 
> zero value to 
> the sales process. Thanks in advance.
> -Steve
>  Oakville, Ontario, Canada
>  2000 R1100S/ABS, Mandarin