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Re: Have I screwed it up?

In a message dated 12/27/03 4:25:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
guthriej@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
After finding the
cable problem, another spin proved that everything was working fine.
However, I now have a blued muffler; back as far as the bracket by the
passangers foot peg. Damage assesment and possible corrective measures
please. And if all is ok - seems to run fine - how do I get the muffler back
to its original look.>>

    You can have your dealer hook up their MoDiTec tester to determine 
whether the oxygen sensor got trashed, which is possible but not likely. BlueAway 
(from any Harley dealer) will EVENTUALLY return the shine, but your fingers will 
hate you forever. 

Tom Cutter


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