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Re: Have I screwed it up?

Jim,  My guess would be that there is no real damage to the motor.  You 
put over rich exhaust gas into the catalytic converter, which was the 
source of the heat.  Likely, the motor was not hotter than normal.  So 
damage would most likely be limited to the cat.  If you don't have a 
sniffer type vehicle inspection in your state, you should be fine.  The 
muffler itself is all metal, so there was no packing to burn out there.

By the way, how does the bottom of the left side saddle bag look?  I 
lost the aluminum foil heat shield there and am wondering if that is 
going to cause problems.  If you happen to have toasted the bag, I have 
a left bag for sale in pertty good shape.

Bob Hadden '98RS
On Saturday, December 27, 2003, at 04:23  PM, Jim Guthrie wrote:

> And if so what do I have to do to fix it?  I replaced the clutch and 
> rear
> engine oil seal - successfully.  But, when putting the bike back 
> together, I
> missed the fact that the cross over throttle cable ('94R11RS) jacket 
> was not
> fully seated in the barrel.  Ran like you might imagine.  For some
> inexplicable reason I assumed that I had flooded the right cylinder 
> (exhaust
> on that side cooler than the left side) and thought a couple mile spin 
> might
> clear it out.  Upon my return to the garage I noticed that not only 
> was it
> not running better, but, the catalytic converter was red.  After 
> finding the
> cable problem, another spin proved that everything was working fine.
> However, I now have a blued muffler; back as far as the bracket by the
> passangers foot peg. Damage assesment and possible corrective measures
> please. And if all is ok - seems to run fine - how do I get the 
> muffler back
> to its original look?
> Jim Guthrie
> Mequon, WI
> R1100RS

Robert B. Hadden
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