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Re: Have I screwed it up?

And if so what do I have to do to fix it?  I replaced the clutch and rear
engine oil seal - successfully.  But, when putting the bike back together, I
missed the fact that the cross over throttle cable ('94R11RS) jacket was not
fully seated in the barrel.  Ran like you might imagine.  For some
inexplicable reason I assumed that I had flooded the right cylinder (exhaust
on that side cooler than the left side) and thought a couple mile spin might
clear it out.  Upon my return to the garage I noticed that not only was it
not running better, but, the catalytic converter was red.  After finding the
cable problem, another spin proved that everything was working fine.
However, I now have a blued muffler; back as far as the bracket by the
passangers foot peg. Damage assesment and possible corrective measures
please. And if all is ok - seems to run fine - how do I get the muffler back
to its original look?
Jim Guthrie
Mequon, WI