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Re: Bike lift

I have an RS and a K75s + many other bikes.
The shown lift is for "cradle frame" type of bikes.
I have several real bike lifts, like the  stores have.  Go to bike stores
and ask if they sell old lifts, some of them do, that's how I got mine.
I would not risk lifting an expensive bike on the one you've got.
Bob Silas

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From: "Falvio" <John@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Oil heads" <oilheads@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 12:32 AM
Subject: Bike lift

> Got a Craftsman motorcycle/atv lift for Christmas.  Anyone have any
> experience with it good or bad?  Can it be used on an '04 RT without
> taking off more than just the under fairing?  I would probably use it
> for tire and oil changes. (Yes I know the bike comes with a work stand
> ;^)  I am trying to see if I would be better off exchanging it for
> tools.[1]
> Here it is:
> Fare thee well for I remain Falvio and you are my people.
> [1] I do not like exchanging presents, but I know the giver would not
> want her effort to find something nice result in an unused space
> taker-upper.[2]
> [2] I know this because she said so.