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Re: Bike lift

I usually have the fairing off when Mine is on the lift.

I use a piece of  3/4 inch oak board under the Oilpan.

I always caution folks that the lift is not as stable forward backward as it
is side to side.
So you need to take precautions.
When you remove one of the wheels the bike and lift can become unbalanced
and tip forward or backward.
I place  a milk carton  pile of boards  etc under the front wheel when I am
removing the rear wheel.

I like my bike lift .  it is not the sears unit.   I got the Sams CLub one.
The sears unit is made a bit better. and the foot lever release is better
than my hand knob.
This is also not the easiest thing to do by yourself.
Try to get a friend to be there to help as you go thru the learning curve

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> Got a Craftsman motorcycle/atv lift for Christmas.  Anyone have any