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Re: Craftsman lift

I bought a lift at a swap meet that is much like the Sears version. I made a
platform of 3/4 plywood about 8 feet long by 18" wide -width of the rails on
the lift.  reinforced with several bed rail angle iron - available at most
Goodwill Stores.  with a short ramp to get up the 6" rise it works great.
Balance point is still important but with hinged plywood "legs" on either
end it's very stable. Just changed a clutch on it.
Jim Guthrie
Mequon, WI
R11RS, R80RT
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From: "Andren Appelquest" <andren@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 9:17 AM
Subject: Craftsman lift

> I, too, received the lift. Suitability for my RT?, haven't checked yet.
> For my Triumph? Yes, a good thing. For my buddy's Harley? a good
> thing...maybe I should exchange it.
> Andy Appelquest
> Seabrook, TX
> 2002 R1150RT
> 1996 Triumph Adventurer