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** 2002 R1150RT -- List of recommended mods **


I'm new to the list (two days old) and can take responses offline to save

What is the group's conventional wisdom regarding recommended mods for a
2002 R1150RT?

1)  Suspension:	Stock suspension seems fine.

			Any advantage in an upgrade to

			What changes in handling does it
			bring to the bike?

			Any other vendor recommendations?

2)  Exhaust:	I've had TwoBros exhaust on other bikes and
			liked the improvement over stock.

			TwoBros claims that "To make installation even
			easier the catalytic eliminator exhaust system
			includes an oxygen sensor bung to accept the fuel
			injection systems oxygen sensor.  There is no
			need to readjust or tamper with the FI mapping.
			Simply install the system and go."

			Any performance problems created / 
			eliminated with the exhaust upgrade?

			Any other favorite exhaust system
			vendors?  e.g. Staintune

			Does this upgrade void any 
			factory warranty?

3)  Brake lines:	On previous bikes, I've upgraded the brake lines
			to stainless steel and liked the improvement over

			What's the group's experience on this?

			Any recommended vendors?

4)  Air filter:	On previous bikes, I've upgraded to K&N.  

			They don't seem to make one for the

			Any changes in air filter that make
			sense to do along with the exhaust
			system upgrade?

5)  Dual plug:	Is it worth the $1,500 (or so) that it will cost to
			make this mod?

Thanks for any/all input you have on the subject.

Doug Nelson
SF Bay Area



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