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RE: 2002 R1150RT - Recommended Mods

At 9:50 AM -0800 12/29/03, Minor, Bob wrote:
>I have a Two Brothers on my RS and while I won't deny it is a touch 
>loud, I don't find it a problem while touring.  The wind noise on an 
>RS (with either the stock windshield or an Aeroflow) is enough to 
>mostly mask the exhaust note at steady state.  Open throttle 
>certainly has a bark, but the guys I ride with claim they like it. 
>I like it for the weight loss, price (less than $400 from Pipe City 
>including shipping), and the lack of a CAT since I run without a CAT 
>code plug.  GUARANTEED no surging with this setup.

Hmmmmm... a solution for surging... yet, I'll bet that if your 
throttle bodies are out of synch, you'll experience some surging. My 
pedantic point is that there's more to eliminating surging than CATs 
and CCPs - the entire system should be tuned and adjusted.

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