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Re:Subject: ** 2002 R1150RT -- List of recommended mods **

Welcome to the most civilised mailing list on the net!
Welcome to the world of BMW's!
The credentials of my advice are this:94 R1100RS I bought new in 94. now has 
85,XXX miles on it. Suspension: Works performance,  Seat Corbin, Repairs all 
mine except a few warranty issues.

1) Suspension, BMW shocks start showing wear at 9,000 miles. Any aftermarket 
   shock is improvment over stock in compliance. Ohlins appears to be the best
   by public opinion.

2) Exhaust, you will notice the least amount of power increase on a BMW by 
   installing a new exhaust compared to any other bike on the market. Two
   Brothers make some the lowest quality products on the market for BMW's.
   best choises are Remus and Staintune(I have a Staintune). Both are stainless
   steel and permanenant ie: no repacking. The Remus touring pipe on an RT is
   the perfect tone for a bike with so little wind noise. 

3) Brake lines, You should have integrated brakes, that thing stops like 
   crazy already.  I never got around to steel lines on my bike, maybe now
   I will.

4) Air Filter, K+N makes one, almost all dealers have them in stock. I used 
   one from new.  No real power increase, but money saved on maintenance.

5) Dual Plugs, not worth it unless you have a driveabilty problems(surging). I 
   found my bike surges a little when I abuse it(riding2-3500rpm)Rev the snot
   out of motor and cruise at 4,000rpm minimum and it will run its best.

The only other change I would make is change the tubes from the airbox to the 
throttle bodies with ones from an R1100GS. This bolsters torque from idle to 
4,000rpms.you will lose 2hp above 7,000rpm.

Steve Szelestey