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Re: Re:Subject: ** 2002 R1150RT -- List of recommended mods **

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> 1) Suspension, BMW shocks start showing wear at 9,000 miles. Any
>    shock is improvment over stock in compliance. Ohlins appears to be the
>    by public opinion.

I've got 16K on my 03RT and can't notice any difference yet.....

> 2) Exhaust, you will notice the least amount of power increase on a BMW by
>    installing a new exhaust compared to any other bike on the market. Two
>    Brothers make some the lowest quality products on the market for BMW's.
>    best choises are Remus and Staintune(I have a Staintune). Both are
>    steel and permanenant ie: no repacking. The Remus touring pipe on an RT
>    the perfect tone for a bike with so little wind noise.

Yes, those are my choices

> 3) Brake lines, You should have integrated brakes, that thing stops like
>    crazy already.  I never got around to steel lines on my bike, maybe now
>    I will.
> 4) Air Filter, K+N makes one, almost all dealers have them in stock. I
>    one from new.  No real power increase, but money saved on maintenance.

I use and like the UniFilter foam filter...

> 5) Dual Plugs, not worth it unless you have a driveabilty
problems(surging). I
>    found my bike surges a little when I abuse it(riding2-3500rpm)Rev the
>    out of motor and cruise at 4,000rpm minimum and it will run its best.

I use the Olive Green CCP (a BMWUK 'fix') and it moved the mild surge to
below 3K rpms so I don't really 'see' it anymore.  The oilhead was meant to
cruise at 3500 rpms IMHO.  Some peeps deep out in the woods would say that's
why it surges there, for emissions :)

> The only other change I would make is change the tubes from the airbox to
> throttle bodies with ones from an R1100GS. This bolsters torque from idle
> 4,000rpms.you will lose 2hp above 7,000rpm.

I'd check out the archives on this at BMWSporttouring.com.  There is an
unwelcome side effect to this on the RT, though I can't remember now what
the heck it is...

> Steve Szelestey

John H. Outlan CPA
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