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Re: Subject: ** 2002 R1150RT -- List of recommended mods **

Greg and John,
Thanks for your input.
John, I'll be in Montpelier in the spring and will give you a buzz.
Bob Silas
'94 RS

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> My '94 RS was fine until 40K miles when I bottomed out the front shock on
a bumpy road.  I replaced the OEM Showa with a Works front shock.  It has
been great.  The bike now has 100K + miles...probably time for a rebuild.
At 65K miles an Ohlins was added to the rear.  The bike's handling felt
better than new w/both shocks.  Handling is, after all, what I like about
this bike. It was the best money I spent on the bike, but prices were a lot
cheaper then for an Ohlins.  I'm glad to hear the newer OEM shocks are much
better.  Happy New Year!
> John Van Deren
> Montpelier, VT