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R1150RT mods

I have a 95 R1100RSL with a Works front shock and Ohlins Rear Shock. I 
have Speigler braided brake lines and EBC HH brake pads. I have been 
running this combo for about 30000 miles. Original shocks had 30000 and 
were shot. I tested a 2002 R1150RT this fall with about 10,000 miles 
showing. My bike handled much better and my brakes were more effective 
and had better modulation that the hew RT bike. The RT was more 
comfortable but just didn't work as well in the corners. I swapped bikes 
with a FZ1 rider for 20 miles and he commented on how good my bike was 
in the corners.

I did use a Two Brothers exhaust for a couple years but removed it 
because on quality issues and the need for frequent repacking. I was 
fairly loud but had a good sound. I dynoed the bike with the Two 
Brothers  and with stock. The top end readings were 85.6 hp stock, 85.5 
TB. Torque was 68.8 stock and 68.6 TB. There were differences of 2-4 hp 
through the range but the curves crossed several times so no real 
 advantage to either system on my bike. The Two Brothers mounting system 
was not very secure on my bike. 

Kurt Snyder
Northfield VT