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Valve Adjustment


> > >The balance held at RPM; no further adjustments were needed.
 >> Does this mean that you raised the RPM to 1500 or so and checked the 

>Yep.  It stayed balanced from idle up to 4000 RPM or so... that's as high
>as I took it.

>// marc

4,000 is plenty high.   1500 - 2000 is preferred for the following reasons:

1.  It's about the smallest throttle opening that guarantees that the cables 
are engaged.

2. The smaller the throttle opening, the more percentage difference a small 
adjustment will make...more accurate adjustments at small throttle openings.

3.  Less chance of overheating the engine.   I use a window fan in front of 
my bike.  Two is better.

It's a good check to run it up to 3 or 4000 when you've set it just to 
verify that something isn't going goofy at higher revs.  Go slow and shut 
down slow if you're using mercury columns!

I'm convinced that these 1150s have a better throttle cable system or 
something.  Whenever I do older bikes, the reading moves around a bit and I 
have to average things, but with the Twin Spark, readings stay very 
consistent.    Much quicker to set.

Anyone else noticed this?   I'm curious as to what the reason might be.   I 
don't see how Twin Spark itself would have this effect.  I have only set one 
non-Twin Spark 1150, an RS.  It wandered a bit too.  My '04 has the flattest 
readings I've ever seen.   It's a Twin Spark RT with the cannister properly 

- -TB