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Re: Valve Adjustment

 > 4,000 is plenty high.   1500 - 2000 is preferred for the following reasons:

I *slowly* increased throttle from idle to about 4000 rpm and then
*slowly* reduced throttle back to idle, checking for balance the
entire range.   It stayed in balance.   Repeat.   Still in balance.
OK, no need to adjust cables.

 > Anyone else noticed this?   I'm curious as to what the reason might be.   I 
 > don't see how Twin Spark itself would have this effect.  I have only set one

I've an early R1150 with the single spark.   I once rode a R1150R loaner
with the dual spark.   The dual spark bike was smoother than my bike at its
best.  It almost approached K bike smoothness.   Since I've a sample size
of only 1 bike I don't know if I just happened to get a real good loaner
or of they're all that way.

Or perhaps I was so uncomfortable from having my knees in my chin due
to the seating/pegs geometry on the R that it just seemed smoother :-)

// marc