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Ideas?? Quit in rain.


I am looking for troubleshooting ideas.  This morning, my 1996 R1100RT (50k 
miles and running great) just quit 14 miles after startup while running in 
moderately strong rain.  It missed for a second, the tachometer gave a wild 
swing or two, and then the motor quit.  I coasted to the side of I-30 and 
fiddled with (jiggled) the kill switch, and side stand just for teh heck of 
it.  Thee engine will motor over just as normal with the starter, RID works, 
lights work, I can hear the fuel pump just as normal, ABS lights normal - 
but the damn thing will not start there on the side of the road.  I push it 
for ten minutes to a tire shop with an awning, pull the seat to check for 
anything obvious, fuses all good, battery connections tight, no burnt smell, 
nothing obvious.  After about an hour, it started for one second then died, 
I trucked it home, then after four hours it started for one second then 
died.  I've got it on the Battery Tender now.

Any ideas?  Yes, I too suspect water in something, but specifically where?  
I've ridden this bike for hours in rain with not the slightest problem.  I 
have tools and much mechanical experience BFI i.e. Before Fuel Injection.

Thanks in advance,