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Re: Ideas?? Quit in rain.

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From: "Michael D. Ash" <redlegduke@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Try unplugging the connector on the computer (above the battery if I 
remember correctly) then plugging it back in again.

The ony other thing I can think of would be grunge in the starter.
I believe the ground on the R bikes makes it way through the starter.

Bill Kenney
02 K1200RS
96R1100RS SOLD today

> I am looking for troubleshooting ideas.  This morning, my 1996 R1100RT 
> (50k miles and running great) just quit 14 miles after startup while 
> running in moderately strong rain.  It missed for a second, the tachometer 
> gave a wild swing or two, and then the motor quit.  I coasted to the side 
> of I-30 and fiddled with (jiggled) the kill switch, and side stand just 
> for teh heck of it.  Thee engine will motor over just as normal with the 
> starter, RID works, lights work, I can hear the fuel pump just as normal, 
> ABS lights normal - but the damn thing will not start there on the side of 
> the road.  I push it for ten minutes to a tire shop with an awning, pull 
> the seat to check for anything obvious, fuses all good, battery 
> connections tight, no burnt smell, nothing obvious.  After about an hour, 
> it started for one second then died, I trucked it home, then after four 
> hours it started for one second then died.  I've got it on the Battery 
> Tender now.
> Any ideas?  Yes, I too suspect water in something, but specifically where? 
> I've ridden this bike for hours in rain with not the slightest problem.  I 
> have tools and much mechanical experience BFI i.e. Before Fuel Injection.
> Thanks in advance,
> Duke