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Re: Ideas?? Quit in rain.

In a message dated 1/2/2005 3:36:46 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
redlegduke@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I am looking for troubleshooting ideas.  This morning, my 1996 R1100RT (50k 
miles and running great) just quit 14 miles after startup while running in 
moderately strong rain.
I don't know if this experience applies, but it might point you in the right 
Several years ago, a friend's 5 year old R100GS began giving him a similar 
problem. When getting doused in the rain, or following a washing, the bike would 
quit running but several hours later (when things got dry) it would start 
again. After hours and $$$ of frustration, he was running his fingers along the 
vacuum lines coming from one of the carburetors. (It may have been balance line 
between the two carbs, but that detail has been lost in my brain fog.) He 
felt a flat spot on the underside of the tube, waaay back and out of sight. 
Closer inspection showed that the vacuum line had been rubbing on metal and had 
developed a tiny hole in the middle of a wear spot. Temporary application of 
tape, later followed by replacement of the line resolved the problem.
I don't know whether water in a vacuum line of a throttle body would have the 
same effect it had on carburetors, but it might be something to check.
Gary Prickett
Mission Viejo, CA