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RE: R1100GS Master Cylinder

I have a 97R1100RS with low miles.  I change the brake fluid every year with 
BMW fluid.  My master cylinder decided to leak onto the paint which cut my 
Sunday ride short and ruined my day.  Luckily, I saw it before any damage 
was done.  Swapping the master cylinder was a fairly easy job except for 
removing & reinstalling the heated grip wire.  When I disassembled the old 
unit, out of curiosity, I found the same corrosion.  That corrosion can 
score the bore, damage the seals, and lead to a leak.  Swap the master 
cylinder and forget it.  Don't waste your time trying to repair the old one.
Mineola, NY

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>Subject: R1100GS Master Cylinder
>Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 17:33:18 -0500
>I have been having reoccurring problems with the front brake lever hanging
>up. Upon disassembly of the front brake lever, and removing the rubber boot
>on the master cylinder, some type of corrosion is found. I've removed the
>master cylinder piston twice and cleaned up the bore. I've cleaned the
>piston and seals, and re-installed using the original components. The
>corrosion came back once. I'm not sure if I just need a new rubber boot to
>seal better or should go ahead and replace the piston and seals as well as
>the rubber boot?
>Anyone experience this type of problem before?
>Paul T. Donoghue


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