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Master Cylinder


Tom Cutter recomends Castrol LMA.   I also like that stuff and used it for
years, but I LOVE ATE Type 200 or Super Blue.  Super Blue is the same at Type
200 with the addition of a blue dye that's supposed to tell you when you've
flushed all the clear out.   In my experience, the dye is not effective for
this but doesn't really hurt anything.

 Both ATE and Castrol are Dot 4 and have low moisture absorption, but ATE is a
lot better at resisting brake fade and spongy levers at high brake temps.
I've had extensive experience with this on my M3 track-mobile.   ATE really is
a lot better and is available at many bike shops and most go-fast car places
in one liter cans.

- -TB


End of oilheads-digest V2 #5