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Re: Long Way Round

> Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 19:53:19 -0800
> From: "Reid Ewing" <reidplum@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Long Way Round
> The January "BMW ON" mag claims that the TV show, "Long Way Round" is available
> now on DVD. Hey, the guys did the ride on oilhead GSs, so it's relevent.
> As I missed the whole thing on TV, I'm wondering what those who did see the show think.
> Is it worth 6 hours of my time to watch it? Was it interesting? Was it just a couple of spoiled
> actors goofing around? Did it make you dream of going 'round?
> Thanks for any opinions.
> Reid Ewing

Very much worth watching (even if you don't ride a GS!).

Sometimes I wanted to knock their heads together, other times I
wish I was there with them. They were riding through some of the
remotest and poorest regions of the world and they complain about
the state of the roads - what did they expect, but it was a
fantastic adventure - 3 1/2 months of using a GS in the way
that it's maker intended (I guess that's why BMW gave them
the bikes to do it on).

I recommend you read the book first, then watch the video.
The book covers times when the camera wasn't running, but
the camera captures them from a third party compared with
the first party narrative of the book.

By the way, don't watch it if you work for KTM - you'll
have to watch it to find out why :)