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I need some help or ideas on my ABS problem.
I have a 2000 R1100RT. I has a new battery from BMW, new pads on the rear
and the wheel sensors are set at 48mm, both front and rear. The bike has
22600 miles on it.
There is no pattern to when it will fault. I can reset the ABS and drive out
the yard and it will fault or I can ride 1-3 miles with some stops and then
riding off from a stop it will fault.
It makes the normal sound they make at start off from start to ride off, but
when it faults there is a heavy thud sound.
If someone out there in the land of BMW please can help I would appreciate



Old age and cunning will triumph over youth and enthusiasm everytime.

Jack Holloway      MOA #64755        Ham Call    KB4PVC
Leesburg, FL
2000 R1100 RT