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Re: windshield question

is the windshield on the 96RT1100 coated?

I took my shield off and soaked it in the bath tub to loosen the 70K of miles the got stuck to the inside of the shield.  Actually I had done this several times before.

This time the shield stayed rough like the bugs were still stuck.  When I examined it closer it was the roughness from some sort of film that was coming off.  It was tranparent and you couldn't notice it until you got the light just right on it but clearly the film was flaking off.  It looked like hell and of course the rest of the film won't come off, it resembles your skin when you peel from a sun burn.. off and patches and stuck in other areas.  

I even tried hand polishing it, using rubbing compound and then a buffing wheel with rouge on it.   It is like the film is an anti scratch coating since nothing seems to phase it.  I also tried achol and then Acetone.  Don't use acetone, it clouds the plastic right now, and still doesn't do anything to remove the film.

Bottom line, a new Parabellum is on its way.  I could have saved the windshield with hours and hours of hand work but I've got a lot of better things to do than screw with something BMW might have thought was a good idea.

Anyway, I'm curious what the film was.  I apparently just broke down over time...