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Re: windshield question

is the windshield on the 96RT1100 coated?


This time the shield stayed rough like the bugs were still stuck.  When I examined it closer it was the roughness from some sort of film that was coming off.  It was tranparent and you couldn't notice it until you got the light just right on it but clearly the film was flaking off.  It looked like hell and of course the rest of the film won't come off, it resembles your skin when you peel from a sun burn.. off and patches and stuck in other areas.  


Anyway, I'm curious what the film was.  I apparently just broke down over time...


My shield has looked just like that for a couple of years and nothing I tried would touch it, either. I have used nothing but water and Plexus on it since I bought the bike 4 years ago; I just thought it was age and UV, but maybe there is something in the Plexus that reacts chemically with the coating <shrug>. I will be ordering a Cee Bailey #2, I think. I like the Aeroflow that I use during "winter" here in SoCal, but it is too warm for most of the year. 

BTW, ammonia, even small amounts, clouds plexiglas and lexan, as you discovered. Best to avoid it altogether, including Windex and other commercial glass cleaners. 


Bob Covey
Thousand Oaks CA
'96 R1100RT