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Re: windshield question

>I noticed it on my shield too 99 RT and figured it was the guy who had 
>it before me that gave it a "clear coat" which I'll have to get off.  
>Maybe it's like that from the factory, I don't know.
>Brian Diver
Yea that is a good description of how it looks except the when it comes off the flakes are so fragie they have no substance to them and they are almost silvery looking.  The coating is very thin almost like an electro plating film.  It reminded me of Mica, the rock that was layered and would come apart when you played with it.

I don't think you can get the coating off, or atleast not very easily.  My advice it to leave it alone as long as possible..

Btw, I never used any window cleaners with amonia which is death on coated visors....