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RE: windshield question

A friend placed a round soft plastic licence holder on his screen and at the
end of the year the coating under it was history.

The little BMW booklet on page 53 says:

Cleaning the windshield
Remove dirt and dead insects with a soft sponge and plenty of water.
Soften obstinate dirt or insects by soaking with a wet kitchen tissue.
Do not use detergent products.  Fuel or chemical solvents attack the
windshield material.

So I don't think soaking it in a bath tub should cause any harm - but it
does seem that some chemical substance has caused the problem before the
bath...   What have the bugs in Florida been eating?

BTW my '96 R's screen is still good but then I always park in a garage or
look for shade to park under when out and about.  I reason that when on the
move all bike painted and plastic parts are sort of air cooled.

Clive Liddell
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

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> is the windshield on the 96RT1100 coated?


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