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Re: ABS & Servo Brakes

Tom Brown wrote:
> Gents:
> I put 60K on my '99 RT in all kinds of conditions at all kinds of 
> speeds. It never helped except when I paniced and hit the rear brake 
> really hard in an emergency.   A couple times made me worry because it 
> would shut down the brake system as I hit a bump stopping for an 
> intersection.

Hello Tom!

How do you know that the ABS has _never_ helped you (except in that 
one occasion)?

I have a 98 RT and I can really step on the rear brake on a new wet 
pavement and I can't tell if the ABS is working. The only clue is that 
the rear doesn't lock.

Even though I cant tell for sure that the ABS has even engaged some 
times I can tell that I would have been in big trouble if I would have 
been riding my previous bike (Honda VF500F).

/Timo R1100RT