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ABS & Servo Brakes


I put 60K on my '99 RT in all kinds of conditions at all kinds of speeds. 
It never helped except when I paniced and hit the rear brake really hard in 
an emergency.   A couple times made me worry because it would shut down the 
brake system as I hit a bump stopping for an intersection.

The new RT, with the servo system is a whole 'nuther story.   I didn't like 
the servo system at first, but now I really like it.  After it broke in a 
bit, it wasn't so grabby.  I also got used to the feel of these brakes. 
The best thing about them is that they work Right Now and you can really 
stop the bike with two fingers, even in a panic.  The system puts the 
braking where it's needed, so you seldom get into the ABS.   This servo 
system, combined with the 3rd generation ABS, do make a difference and I 
avoided a big impact by stopping unbelievably fast and being able to 
maneuver around a problem.    These new brakes are great.   Wish they could 
get rid of the noise the servo makes.

The new 1200GS uses and probably the new RT and ST will use this.  It not 
only works amazingly well, but it saves about 5 lbs over the old ABS system.

- -TB

>> I guess next you will tell me I should have the power assisted brakes,
>> simply because BMW offers it?
>The power brakes are another thing.  BMW bikes do not test with the
>shortest stopping distances, and I haven't seen any report that proves
>power brakes improve performance.  That said, I have no problems with
>the brakes on my new 1200GS so far (660 miles).

>Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27