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My $.02 USD RE: ABS

Let me pile on here. While I don't consider myself a Braking God, I do feel
like a fairly competent rider. Last winter a fast-moving ice storm caught me
out at school one evening. Considering all my options, I decided to ride my
R1100sa home rather than leave it 30 miles from home in the elements (no,
don't want to have that conversation right now. It made sense at the time
for various reasons).
Riding on 1/4" glaze isn't that hard, but stopping sure as sh*t is. The ABS
made it completely possible and manageable; I got home in just slightly more
than twice the usual time, mainly due to choosing a more sedate route. Every
time I had to brake, the ABS chattered away and did things I could never
possibly do.
My point being ABS helped immensely in unexpected circumstances.

Dennis Kelly
83 st
03 1100s