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Re: oilheads-digest V2 #9

On Jan 14, 2005, at 10:04 PM, Steve Makohin wrote:

> From: "Robert Jenkins" <robert.jenkins@xxxxxxx>
>> I never said ABS does not work or I can stop better than
>> ABS can... I said I do not miss not having ABS and like
>> you, I would not spend $1500 on a $5000 motorcycle.
> In '97 I got a $65K car and I put awesome tires on it that cost me a 
> bundle.
> In '05, I am now driving a $20K car, and I also put on awesome and 
> expensive
> tires (they cost even more). The difference between '97 and '05 is 
> that my car
> has depreciated a lot, and the equivalent tires are pricier. That 
> depreciation
> does not reduce the rationale behind making sure that my vehicle 
> performs as
> well today as it did almost 8 years ago. Ditto with ABS. Mind you, if 
> my
> whizzy ABS brain fries some day, I reserve the right to bitch about 
> how much
> it cost me to fix it.
> It is abundantly clear that you and I have different thinking 
> processes, and
> possibly somewhat different values, but I wouldn't go so far as to say 
> you are
> "wrong".

I agree WRT your car but, for a $5000 motorcycle, I would probably sell 
it as is and buy another used bike and encounter a lot less grief.


04 Yamaha FZ6

Which is worse: ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?