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Re: Best Statement on this list so far...

Hello Tom,

From: Tom Cutter

> In a message dated 1/16/05 9:09:51 AM Eastern  Standard Time,
> chujane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> <<Except for the top 3%  of riders (which 25% consider themselves as
> members),   ...>>
> I nominate this as the BEST STATEMENT  posted to this list so far this year.
> Except I would amend it to read "Except  for the top 3% of riders (which 95%
> consider themselves as  members)"...
> Nobody wants to admit that they are not  among the best. I am reminded every
> time I'm on the track, flailing away, when  suddenly a pack zooms past as if
> my brakes were seized. How thoroughly  demoralizing.

There are 4 stages of competence:

(1) Unconscious incompetent: You don't know, and you don't know
    that you don't know. Most riders are in this category when
    it comes to mastery over their machine. I knew a bass player
    who asserted he kept better time than a metronome.
    Riiiiiiiigght (in my best Dr. Evil voice).

(2) Conscious incompetent: You don't know, but at least you are
    aware of it. This is what you describe. This is where I fit
    in as a Track Boy and Brake God. As a F.A.S.T. grad (all 3
    phases), I am humbled by regular street riders that have
    serious riding capabilities as demonstrated on the track,
    much nearer to the edge of a bike's performance envelope. I
    am in awe when I am amongst professional racers. Did I
    mention that the same bike, when equipped with ABS and
    piloted by Joe Average, can outbrake the best professional
    riders in the wet?

(3) Conscious competent: You know, but you have to think about
    and dedicate brain cycles to doing it well. This is
    like the track rider than can put in a solid performance
    providing he is 100% focused on his game. Distractions can
    prove disastrous, as they draw focus elsewhere.

(4) Unconscious competent: You know, and you don't even think
    about it. An example is someone who can knit while reading
    a book. There are precious few riders in this category. Ones
    that are incredible skilled and can execute that perfection
    on an "automatic response" level. FYI, Top Gun pilots are in
    this category -- When the going gets ugly, they pull amazing
    feats without even thinking about them.

For bonus points, does anyone know what follows the "Unconscious competent"

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada