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re: ABS is good

Ben wrote:

>I also have a '94 with the long unlock time (first generation ABS)

as did Bob Silas:

>"I have a '94 RS with first generation ABS which has unlock time too long
>>for my liking.  A few times I had the feeling that it does not let the
>brakes work at their best.  I wish I had the second generation ABS system.
>But I do want ABS.

Well, you're both incorrect.  First generation ABS was on the '88-'89 
K100RS and following.  There may have been some 1A ABS on later Ks. 
The Oilhead ABS *is* in fact at the very LEAST BMWs second generation 
system, which was compared semi-unfavorably in the bike press to 
Yamaha and Honda's *first* generation systems due to...long cycle 

Of course there's the /6 ABS...the brakes weren't strong enough to 
lock up anyway...

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