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Re: R1150R Parabellum and Techlusion questions

Peter,  I did put on a different exhaust, but this had nothing to do 
with the tuning effort.  It was strictly for the sound.

The Co pot is a potentiometer that allows mixture setting at low rpm.  
I believe some European bikes come with it.  You don't need one to make 
the bike run right. Please read the zero=zero stuff so you know about 
how the throttle position sensor (tps) works.  Then, you will realize 
that the tps controls the mixture, or fuel air ratio.  It is the way 
the motor knows how much air you are giving the engine. I lowered the 
tps setting a bit, but don't remember the exact number.  When you pull 
the cat code plug, the computer defaults to a slightly richer mixture 
program (fixing the surge).  You then lean it out a bit for better 
mileage by that final trimming of the tps.  The O2 sensor was still 
installed, though some think that pulling the cat code plug takes it 
out of the circuit.  Keep in mind that no one really knows what the 
computer is doing.  We all just make our own guess as to how the system 

My bike was smooth throughout the range, had no over rich soot in the 
tail pipe, and the plugs looked perfect on inspection.  Took it about 
30000 miles with that before trading it in this fall for an R1200GS.

You have to put in some time to make the bike right.  The dealer won't 
do it for you because it violates official factory procedure.

Bob Hadden
On Jan 25, 2005, at 10:22 PM, Peter Migli wrote:

> --- Bob Hadden <kbhadden@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I have great luck with
>> careful tuning and pulling the cat code plug on my RS bike.  Still
>> got mid 40's mileage to boot.
> Bob,
> Thanks for the timely response.  Have you removed the catalytic
> converter from your exhaust system?  One of Rob Lentini's articles
> mentioned removing the CCP and the cat. conv., but having a CO pot
> installed.  I don't even know what a CO pot is.  Thanks, again.
> Pete
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