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Re: R1150R Parabellum and Techlusion questions

Hello Peter,

From: "Peter Migli" <petemigli@xxxxxxxxx>

> Second:  A friend of mine with an R11xxGS(?) has strongly suggested
> that I install a Techlusion R259, to completely eliminate any trace of
> surging.  I experience mild surging with my bike, which has about 3300
> miles on it, particularly between 3000-4000 rpm...

The information I have seen supports previous statements that the Techlusion 
box tends to eliminate surging (though it is not 100% certain to do so) at 
the price of reducing fuel economy (again, not always). In most cases, does 
what it's supposed to do. A much more expensive option is dual plugging. San 
Jose BMW does this mod (see www.sjbmw.com for details and pricing), though 
it is pricey.

If possible, I consider finding a skilled motorcycle tuner (not just a 
mechanic) who is solid with BMW oilheads. I had my bike worked on by John 
Parker of Parker Racing (and also working at Budds BMW in Oakville, Ontario, 
Canada). The results were awesome and cheap compared to dual plugging. In my 
case, he did the regular stuff like calibrating the Throttle Position Sensor 
(TPS) and balancing the throttle bodies precisely, plus he changed the plugs 
one range hotter and with a projected tip. Together, the change was 
considerable, though not 100% perfect under all conditions -- a slight 
roughness sometimes happens only when the engine is thoroughly heated up, 
gently rolling on the throttle at around 2000-2500 RPM, which is acceptable 
to me.

Good luck.

- -Steve  Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada