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RE: R11RS Windshield

Maybe the PO belonged to:

Dolphin Motorcycle Club Sydney AustraliaSydney Based Motorcycle Club for
Gay Men. Click here to go to www.dmc.org.au. 
www.dmc.org.au/ - 

Anyway that's what Google gave me when I enterd Dolphin Motorcycle.

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Subject: R11RS Windshield

I was visiting my local BMW dealer a few days ago and saw a used R1100RS
with an interesting windshield - more of a bubble design instead of the
nearly flat stock shield.  It had the word "DOLPHIN" stenciled on the
lower edge.

Does anybody know any specifics on this windshield like manufacturer,
price, effectiveness, etc?

Thanks.   Gary

Gary Bechtold
'94 R1100RS w/ 120k+ miles