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Re: Techlusion, CO Pots etc.

><<4. A change of those black  plastic intake tubes to the ones made for a GS
>really smooths out 1100 RTs  and RS's.  It also gives more torque at low and
>mid revs at a slight  cost to ultimate power at high revs.  I don't know how
>you ride, but  I've found that I run near redline very seldom and this is not
>much of a  concern for me.  I'm not sure how this mod works on 1150s.    Not
>needed at all with twin spark.>>
>I have a set of those tubes  of somebody wants to buy them. I got them from a 
>wreck. They don't fit my  R1100S. They DO fit the RS and RT.
>Tom Cutter  

If my memory serves me correctly, the 'R' has the same intake tubes as
the RT's and RS's, so this wouldn't help (the original post was for an

Wayne Woodruff