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Kickstand down bike shuts off?

I was out on my "new to me" 99 RT yesterday zipping around town doing 
errands and after one particular stop the bike would shut off just like 
I turned the key?  Here is the scenerio I hop on the bike, fire it up 
and put it in gear when it shuts down. With the clutch pulled in it 
won't start in gear so back to neutral and it starts,  put it in gear 
and bike shuts down.  I finally figured that the kickstand must have 
some sort of kill switch in it as when I pull up the kickstand and the 
bike works fine, is this normal operation with the kickstand being 
down?  The bike didn't come with an owners manual or tools 
(ex-authority) so I've been fishing on my own.

- -- 
Brian Diver
PDQ Signs   Everett, WA