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IntakeTubes, Plugs, Valves, Twin-Spark, Techlusion


You were writing to Tom C.  Didn't realize this until I was almost done with
this message.   There will be a little duplication of what TC says, but there
are some new things I hadn't thought about before.   FWIW:

GS Intake Tubes:

If you have an 1100 RT or RS, the GS intake tubes are great.  Just read from
Tom C. that they don't fit "S" models.  Not sure abotu R models.  I've put
them on my 1100 RT and about 3 friends RTs and RSs and they've all raved.   It
seems to smooth out surging a little, but doesn't cure it.

I think they cause pinging in 1150 single plug bikes...this is from reading
other forums, not personal experience.

It's not difficult to put these in yourself.   You have to pull enough
bodywork to get at the throttle bodies.   If you have an RT, that's a bit of a
project, but not technically difficult.   Then you diisconnect  the two hose
clamps attaching the black plastic tubes in place around the backs of the
throttle bodies and the air box.  Then you must disconnect the front of the
throttle bodies from engine.   This will seem a little scary, but it's not
difficult and they go back together easily.     You do not need to remove any
of the linkages or cables.  The idea is to get the throttle body loose enough
to move around a little.  Then, just pull off the old plastic tubes and put on
the new ones.   There is an alignment mark on the GS tubes.  This has to line
up perfectly with a seam on the throttle body or the bike will run rough.
When you've got it all back together, do a throttle body synch and you're all

I dont' know how much a dealer would charge for this.   I would guess no more
than an hour's work.


Bosch 4418 plugs are great for all oilheads, including the main plug of
twin-spark bikes.   They're available at NAPA for around $5 each.   4
conductor, long lasting., proper length.  Just pop them in.   No side effects.

Valve Adjustment:

One thing almost no dealer will do is the anal retentive valve adjustment that
makes such a nice difference in the smoothness of these bikes.   It takes a
while and most dealers are on flat rate for tune-ups.   They can't take the
time and many of them have not been trained on how to do this.   You need 4
feeler gages....

Twin Spark:

If I still have a single spark bike, I would definitely get the twin spark
treatment.  I think it's the best solution.   You get better fuel mileage and
emissions rather than worse.   It's expensive and it involves some downtime,
but I would not hesitate.   I've heard lots of positive comments from people
who've done it.   Smoother, better low speed running, better mileage and
better HP.   No negative comments at all.   Check out the forums at
www.bmwrt.com  or www.avriders.com .


To clarify, the one I have in my garage is not the new digital one.   It's a
Techlusion 83i.   Also called "fuel nanny".  It's brand new.  A friend bought
it and had it sent to my house.  I had agreed to install it for him.  Before
he could get over for installation, he called to inform me he'd traded his
bike for a new 1150 RT Twin Spark.

I have another friend (Wow!  Two friends!)  with an RS with Two Bros pipe.
His had an 83i on.   I worked on it with him and we saved him 12MPG and
overall performance was better.  (He could pull wheelies before, but had a lot
of black smoke coming out the pipe)  He really had it wrong.  His was an older
system and Techlusion had changed the position of the three adjusters.   He
was setting them wrong because of this.   Once we figured out which adjuster
actually did what, we got the adjustment right.

These are the analog systems  that half the people liked and half hated.   You
really have to read the directions, then you have to call the guy to
understand what the directions really mean.   I talked with the owner of the
company for about an hour on the phone and he gave me a good understanding of
the logic of the thing.   Then, I was able to make it work for me.   It's got
lots of adjustment.  People were adjusting it wrong and dumping loads of extra
fuel in their bikes.   If you do it right, it's a very nice thing.

- -TB

>Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 17:18:11 -0500
From: "Dan Dolby" <elkwalks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Techlusion, CO Pots etc.


Do I want these tubes?  Expensive install?  Good bang for the buck?

Do I want to twin spark?  That sounds like a great solution all around.
Expensive on the take out/put in end? (NOTE: I am NOT asking 'how much'! :)
Truthfully mine isn't the worst surge problem... Pain in the keister around
town though...so maybe the dough isn't worth it.  Sounds like the power gain
with smoothness and fuel economy gain is a nice thing. (let's see....how
long would it take to 'earn' back in fuel cost what it would cost to do

I'm supossed to remind you now that you going to spruce up my airhead in
Feb.  Did you remember?