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Re: Kickstand down bike shuts off?

T Cutter wrote:

>The sidestand switch is a "feature" of  all Oilheads. Despite the fact that 
>some have given trouble, and others find  them bothersome for various reasons, 
>they can prevent accidents. EVERYBODY has  forgotten the stand at some time, 
>and with a BMW twin, the cylinder blocks the  riders' view of the stand, so you 
>can't really see it even if you looked. (Yes,  I know that if you contorts, 
>you can see it, but a downward glance from the  riding position is blocked.)
Thanks, I thought something was seriously wrong and have been skeptical 
of the bike since my first ride when I believe the Hall Sensors went bad 
and I had to be towed back to the place I purchased it.  The mechanics 
spent the next day diagnosing & fixing the bike and said the fuel 
injectors were not synch'd properly which they weren't but when the bike 
died and the tach was jumping around I've read enough to no now that it 
was the sensors.  Good to get the demons out first eh?

- -- 
Brian Diver
PDQ Signs   Everett, WA