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Add a resistor to TPS circuit?

I'm a newbie, but...

The surging seems to be associated with small throttle openings (but not
idle... I'm not sure what "idle surging" would feel like) and closed-loop
operation with the O2 sensor contributing its 2 cents worth.

One fix is to twist the TPS, thereby fooling the ECU into thinking the
butterfly is more open than it really is (and thus fooling the ECU into
spritzing more gas into the mix). But that's a pretty blunt instrument and
enrichens the mix all through the range.

Folks at ease the basic math and a soldering iron, might suggest that adding
a resistor in the circuit with the TPS potentiometer could influence the
small-opening voltage but have rather less effect on the larger openings.

Anybody tried that? Anybody know the resistance value of the TPS pot?


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