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RE: Kickstand down bike shuts off?

In a message dated 1/29/2005 3:12:54 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Davis Eichelberger" <davis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>A little additional information that may not be common knowledge but BMW
>automotive part # 61-12-1-459-998 is a jumpered plug which fits the
>connector to the sidestand switch.  Makes it easy to bypass the switch
>either due to a failure or preference and return to normal operation at a
>later point.  
>Davis Eichelberger
That is great infomation... one of those should come in the tool kit...  

I've got one question Davis,  How did you find this out?  I mean that had to of taken some great research.  I've heard that a great number of motorcycle parts can be gleaned from the Car parts (at cheaper cost)  but never had any idea of how to find that information out.