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RE: Kickstand down bike shuts off?

A little additional information that may not be common knowledge but BMW
automotive part # 61-12-1-459-998 is a jumpered plug which fits the
connector to the sidestand switch.  Makes it easy to bypass the switch
either due to a failure or preference and return to normal operation at a
later point.  

Davis Eichelberger

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> I guess I am one of those non-professionals that would ride off with the
> kickstand down.  My switch pooped out long ago and i just jumpered past
> the switch.  Yes I have done it a few times and so far all that has
> happened is the kickstand catches a little then clicks up, not the
> prefered way to get the kickstand up.   So far it only results in a bit of
> a hickup...but I can see that a really hard, well committed left turn
> would not be so tame of manuver.
> I tend to use the side stand so little that it isn't a concern.  I just
> have to remind myself when I put it down to pull it up.
> I am not advocating bypassing this switch but I do urge anyone to find the
> connector on the end of this switch so that when the bike doesn't start
> because of it, you can take field measure to correct it and get home.  My
> bike just wouldn't do anything at a ralley.  The switch had been going bad
> and the day did come when I had to do a switch ectomy in  a parking lot...
> not the most sterile conditions but it got the job done.  I knew ahead of
> time where the connector was and it took only a couple of minutes to fix
> it.  There is something to be said about the feeling of being able to
> "heal" you bike like you actually knew what you were doing.
> paige