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Re: Kickstand down bike shuts off?

On 1/28/2005 11:18 AM, BobFV@xxxxxxx wrote:
> BTW this safety feature is easily defeated by unplugging the little 
> electrical wire at the top of the kickstand.

>Not a good idea. This allows you to put the bike in gear and ride off 
with the sidestand down, as far as the first left turn. Not that any of 
the skilled near-professional riders on this list would ever do such a 
thing, of course.<

I guess I am one of those non-professionals that would ride off with the kickstand down.  My switch pooped out long ago and i just jumpered past the switch.  Yes I have done it a few times and so far all that has happened is the kickstand catches a little then clicks up, not the prefered way to get the kickstand up.   So far it only results in a bit of a hickup...but I can see that a really hard, well committed left turn would not be so tame of manuver.   

I tend to use the side stand so little that it isn't a concern.  I just have to remind myself when I put it down to pull it up.

I am not advocating bypassing this switch but I do urge anyone to find the connector on the end of this switch so that when the bike doesn't start because of it, you can take field measure to correct it and get home.  My bike just wouldn't do anything at a ralley.  The switch had been going bad and the day did come when I had to do a switch ectomy in  a parking lot... not the most sterile conditions but it got the job done.  I knew ahead of time where the connector was and it took only a couple of minutes to fix it.  There is something to be said about the feeling of being able to "heal" you bike like you actually knew what you were doing.