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Re: Zenier Diode and Crossover Tubes

Ben and Tom,

Just for the record.  My RS ran great after the proper tuning items Tom 
has described, and Removal of the cat code plug.  The O2 sensor was 
left in place.  Some say that the sensor is out of the circuit when the 
cat code plug is removed.  I have no idea if that is true or not.  My 
tps was set to a lower voltage than the spec calls for because the idle 
was too fast with it at the normal reading (don't remember the numbers 
for sure so I won't state them here).

Like Tom says,  there are lot's of tricks.  And half the fun is trying 
some of them until  you get a good combination for your bike.  Be sure 
to watch the plug readings to insure you don't run too lean which could 
lead to engine damage.  On the rich side, the bike shouldn't smoke, and 
the tail pipe shouldn't build carbon.  My bike would almost pass a 
white glove inserted into the pipe.  Just a wisp of black.  I attribute 
this fine operating condition strictly to good luck.  My bike was a 
good runner from day one.  It has now been bought by a true bike guru 
(and fellow Yankee Beemer) for a cross country run.  So next summer, we 
will hear how it works for him.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27