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Re: EFI and great book... and here's a surging solution

In a message dated 2/1/05 4:20:55 PM Eastern Standard Time,  dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx 

Personal  note: after 38 years as an Airhead and two major carb switcheroos,
I truly  believe that there is no need for anyone to take time to teach me
the  nature, purpose, and non-adjustment of the throttle stop screw, as nice
as  the intention may have been.

Rumor is that the Euro go-fast boys are fitting Mikuni smoothbores, 41mm,  to 
their R1100S's and getting around 108 hp at the rear wheel. That would be 22  
hp more than my S is making last time I dynoed it. On the non-ABs bikes, that 
 opens up a huge area under the fuel tank, and they are modifying the tanks 
for  vastly increased capacity. That trick started in Australia in 99.


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