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Hi-carb diet

Tom Cutter wrote:

>Rumor is that the Euro go-fast boys are fitting Mikuni smoothbores, 41mm,  to
their R1100S's and getting around 108 hp at the rear wheel.


Those who've been on this list for very long will have endured my many Bing
diatribes and may recall my periodic threats to do exactly as these "Euro
go-fast boys" are purportedly doing.

In fact the oilhead might not have even been out of its first production year
when (I think it was MOA Owners News) featured a cover pic of a race-prepped
RS equipped with DellOrtos (and White Power forks sans Telelever, which I
found puzzling. I've never done anything but rave for the Telelever--the best
feature of the bike).

My R11RS has always been the worst-starting street bike I've ever had and, in
fact, at this very moment is completely inop precisely because of the
^&^%$$^%& Bing throttle body for which I have finally, after weeks of waiting,
received a replacement butterfly shaft and screws.

I have no expectation that replacing these components will restore the bike to
its original performance, but I'm hoping it will at least be rideable and with
even more luck, enjoyable, again.

Is a Mikuni **KIT** available????? I would absolutely be interested.

John Dancoe
Plexus Systems
248.249.1545 cell
248.393.1799 fax