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Re: Carb switching.... very crazy but very rewarding

In a message dated 2/3/05 11:38:16 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx writes:

Few  hobbyist biker activities are more challenging, rewarding, frustrating,
and  beneficial that carb switcheroos. CRAZY. I've done it twice on  Airheads
with never-before-attempted carbs.... crazy. Carbs are very very  subtle and
have maybe 6-8 variables which you must tamper with to get  passable
performance. And not cheap.

Funny that you mention it. I have had three clients  over the years who 
insisted on doing carb swaps on their bikes over and over. I  "labeled" all three 
the "crazies". None of their bikes ever ran as well as they  did when set up 
with the stock carbs.
    For race bikes I have done many carb setups and  even a mechanical fuel 
injection setup on a 750cc BMW GP bike (I didn't really  DO that one, I 
assisted Udo Gietl while he did it.) But I learned early on that  just getting 
oddball carbs to work on the track is very difficult, and that's  miles easier than 
for a streetbike.
    If I were a hobbyist, I might be engaged by such an  endeavor. As a 
professional mechanic, spending after-work time in the shop is  abhorrent to me.