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Re: Carb switching.... very crazy but very rewarding

In a message dated 2/3/05 11:38:16 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
dr.ben@xxxxxxxxx writes:

<<Some mechanical issues (mounting, cables, hoses, small rodents  hibernating
in the air filter box) but they are easy enough to  address.>>
    I think the Oilhead layout makes those specific  concerns quite minimal. 
The huge airbox is a real boon to consistency for  tuning. Cabling could 
ALMOST use the existing cables, just change the end  ferrules. The splitter 
arrangement that they use is very well thought ou and  resistw wear and dirt 
remarkably well. I have disassembled the splitter on a  106K-mile daily commuter 
R1100RS and found the inside fo the splitter free of  dirt or wear,

<<With an Oilhead, you will also need to address ignition  timing. Most ECUs
(Bosch???) do fancy tricks with spark timing, quite  remarkable tricks and
well beyond the 19th century steam engine flyball  governors found on bikes
and well beyond the vacuum advances found  additionally on old cars too.>>
    That IS a bugaboo. I think I would start out using  the existing ECU and 
see what happens. To go further would require developing  some sophisticated 
sensor circuitry and a feedback loop, then programming a  module. That is all 
well beyond my limited computer abilities.