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RE: Spark plug socket

> In that case Brian, the only thing I can think of would be to look at
> O2 sensor sockets.  Don't know if they have the correct size hex, but
> they are made of sheet metal, and so should be thin enough to fit in.
> You might also be able to get the correct one at the dealer if they
> list it in the parts book.
> Bob Hadden

Snap-On spark plug socket No. S9706KA works but is pricey, Lowe's used to
sell a Kobalt thin wall socket Model: 25889 that would fit, but I'm not sure
they still do.  If you try most any cheap 5/8" deep socket (not a plug
socket with the rubber bushing around the insulator) I think you'll find it
will work but you'll probably want to get a locking extension to be able to
pull it back off.  You could also take the plug socket you already own and
use a lathe to turn down the outside until it fits inside the valve cover.  

Or you could just call your dealer and order 71-11-2-316-193 spark plug

Davis Eichelberger