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R1150RA Question No. 3: Rear Brake Servo Fault

Here's the hard question:  

While riding my '02 R1150RA today I had a disconcerting thing happen
with the brakes.

While stopped at a traffic signal, I noticed that the indicator lights
were indicating that I did not have servo-assistance on part of the
brake system.  It turned out to be the rear brake.  Using just the rear
brake pedal had an effect that was very similar to not using the brakes
at all.  I then parked the bike and shut off the ignition.

Upon restarting the bike, the ABS system went through its usual
process; no fault was indicated, and the rear brake worked as it was
originally intended to work.  I then rode the bike another hour or so,
with no further problems indicated.

So....was this event just an anomaly, or do I have further trouble to
look forward to?  The idea that the servo brake assistance might not
occur, at random moments, is a little disconcerting.  Any insights will
be appreciated.

Pete Migli
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